My Chiropractic Story

When I was a child, I had chronic “tummy aches”. Our family physician didn't even have a suggestion for what might help me. My mom took me to a chiropractor, and after one adjustment, my “tummy aches” went away.

After going to Iowa State and earning my B.S. in biology and B.A. in philosophy, I had some choices on my hands upon graduation. I considered law school, going for further schooling to teach philosophy, medical school, or chiropractic school. I could have chosen any one of the above. I graduated summa cum laude, was employed as a philosophy essay test grader, and was active in several different organizations at Iowa State, most notably the Honors Student Counsel.

Yet for me, the choice was clear.

I wanted, above all, to help people. In my opinion, knowledge is only useful insofar as it can improve the lives of others. I wanted to be able to help people in a powerful but non-invasive fashion, and chiropractic could do that for me.

At Palmer, I excelled at classes quite as well as I did at Iowa State. I took a job as a cadaver dissector, a coveted position which allowed me to learn in even greater detail the way in which the human body is fashioned.

Then I took a 108 hour course offered outside of Palmer's curriculum called Applied Kinesiology.

It changed my life profoundly.

While I have always been good at school, I had problems with mild dyslexia which particuarly affected my mathematical abilities since I tended to scramble numbers. I also had abysmal navigational skills, and was under the impression that I was naturally clumsy since I didn't seem to be good at sports at all.

After getting cranial work, meridian balancing, and injury recall done while taking the A.K. Course, however, my view of myself changed. My coordination improved. I found I had better balance, moved with greater ease, and didn't tire as easily when I joined in with friends at sports. My sense of direction improved. I could now naturally remember routes and back track if need be, something that used to be extremely difficult for me. I didn't scramble numbers any more. My singing and dancing abilities improved. And overall, I had less tension, and I felt better. I didn't know there was anything wrong, until suddenly it was made right.

I finished the certification course, and went on to work as a teaching assistant for the course for three more rounds, polishing my knowledge of this incredibly complex but powerful technique.

This is why I practice using AK care—because while chiropractic had a definite effect on my life, AK care opened up areas of potential in me I didn't even know existed. Now I am working to do the same for all my patients. We all have more potential within us than we know. This is also why I opened Truly Balanced Chiropractic—so I could reduce the over all pain in the world around me and provide a very different kind of care than any other chiropractic office in Dubuque has to offer. I'm in this to make the world a better place, to improve lives the way my life has been improved, to help people recognize and realize the profound potential within them. I can't imagine doing anything else.