Applied Kinesiology is considered one of the most complex of the chiropractic techniques, with a whole host of tools that can be utilized under a variety of circumstances to help a patient achieve a truer state of balance and well being.

Founded by Dr. George Goodheart, the first official U.S. Olympic team chiropractor, AK utilizes the manual muscle test to dynamically assess one's neurological state. This manual muscle test involves isolating out the motion of particular muscle or set of muscles and testing to see that each can give a steady, organized contraction. If it cannot, the doctor can then use this information to seek out the source of the interference in the system not allowing the muscle or muscles to contract as they should. The doctor can then treat the patient accordingly and check to see that proper signaling to the muscle and proper muscle response has been re-established.

In short, manual muscle tests allows the AK doctor to trace a problem to its cause and get more specific in treatment than would otherwise be possible, and also give the doctor a way to test if a treatment has had its desired effect on the system post-treatment.