Who Determines Your Health?

Who is the single biggest determiner of your health?

I'll give you a hint: It's not your chiropractor.

*Gasp!* I know! Not what you were expecting, right? It is my privilege to be able to help people become healthier each and every day I'm in the office at Truly Balanced Chiropractic of Dubuque, but as much as I'm able to help, I know my limits.

Who is the biggest determiner of your health?

YOU are!

This probably doesn't come as a surprise if you think about it. You determine what you eat, how much you sleep, how much you exercise, how you handle your stress, which environments you choose to move through... all those daily choices have a bigger impact on your health than any doctor can.

I can't make all those little decisions for you, and you wouldn't want me to anyway! Who needs someone following them around, scolding and grousing with a disapproving scowl, 'Don't eat that!', and 'Is that dust on your treadmill?', and 'Isn't it past your bedtime!'.

That would be horrendous!

I am not that person. What I do, is I adjust my patients so that their nervous systems function better and they feel better. Then I give advice... advice about dietary changes that might be helpful, supplements that might improve a particular condition, ways to improves sleep quality, stretches that might ease pain and improve function along with adjustments... you get the idea.

Many of my patients choose to eventually go onto wellness care plans, coming in once every two weeks to two months, depending on their particular needs. Many find they are more relaxed, they sleep better, they have more energy, and they feel better overall.

But that is a choice.

I do not guilt patients. I do not badger. I never seek to take control of anyone's health but my own.

You are in control of your health.

You are the biggest determiner of your overall health.

But if you want someone on your team, helping you reach your health goals, advising, cheering you on, and advocating for you, then I would be proud to be part of your healthcare team.

My goal is to empower patients, to help them recognize how vital their lifestyle decisions are to their health.

You are in control.

Claim that power, and shape the life you want to live.