AK Care and Limb Pain

Many people assume that chiropractors only work on neck, back, and low back pain.

This certainly isn't the case.

Shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, as well as hip, knee, foot, and ankle pain can often be addressed utilizing AK care.  


1. By adjusting the spine, balancing the nerves which control the activity of your limbs and sensations from your limbs.

2. By adjusting the bones of your limbs, which can themselves be misaligned.

3. By doing muscle work to balance how the limb moves.

4. By utilizing the full AK toolkit when the usual suspects for limb pain don't fit the bill (cranial adjusting, injury recall, meridian therapy, etc.).

If you know someone with pain in one or more of their limbs that just won't go away, tell them to consider trying chiropractic care.  If they've tried traditional chiropractic and it hasn't helped, further consider telling them to try AK care.  Sometimes a different (and perhaps more thorough) approach is what their particular pain requires.